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Refueling and Recharging your ASM Vehicle 


Fuel expenses are included with your ASM vehicle. If you need to refuel your vehicle, there is a fuel card located in the glove box of the vehicle. You will need to pay inside the store using the fuel card. If the station you are at requires a PIN or driver number, it is printed on the reverse of the fuel card. The attendant may ask you for the odometer reading on the vehicle. 


Please use the fuel type required for your vehicle. The fuel type is indicated inside the vehicle’s fuel filler door. 


If the vehicle has a quarter of a tank of gas or less by the end of your trip, please refuel the vehicle before returning it so as not to inconvenience other members. 



Electric charging is included with your ASM EV. If you need to recharge your ASM EV, it can be charged at any public Flo network charging station, affiliated dealership Flo charging station, or at a home charging station. Our EVs are not equipped with charging cables. 


The Flo charge card is in the glove box of the vehicle. To operate the Flo charger, simply tap the charge card on the Flow charger, and plug in your vehicle. When it reaches 80%, unplug the vehicle and resume your trip. 


To locate a public Flo charging station, download the Flo app on your smartphone or navigate to the Flo website. 


Affiliated dealerships with Flo charging stations can be found on the Automondial Shared Mobility website under locations. They are also indicated on the map in the Automondial Shared Mobility app, by the Automondial logo. 


If charging at a home station, we are unfortunately not able to reimburse you for the costs incurred.  


IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not leave an electric vehicle plugged into a public Flo charger overnight or for any extended period unattended, as the card will continue to be charged for as long as the vehicle is plugged in even after the battery has charged to 100%. In such a situation, you may be charged the standby fee incurred from Flo.  

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