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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the criteria for becoming a member?
    To be eligible to become a member you must Be at least 25 years of age Hold an Ontario class G license Have no major or criminal driving convictions Have no violations related to impaired driving Provide a 3-year uncertified driving record
  • How long does it take to become a member?
    It can take up to five days for your membership to be activated. If you require your membership sooner, please contact us and we will do our best to activate it more quickly.
  • How do you confirm my identity when I apply to become a member?
    When you apply to become a member on the app, you will be asked to upload photos of the front and back of your driver’s license and record a 3 second video.
  • Do I need to have a credit card to book a vehicle?
    Yes, a credit card is required to book a vehicle.
  • Can I book a vehicle from my computer?
    Currently vehicles can only be booked on a mobile device through the Automondial Shared Mobility app. The app is free and available on the Google Play and Apple App stores.
  • How long can I book a vehicle for?
    Vehicles can be booked for as little as one hour, up to one month.
  • Where do I get the keys for the vehicle?
    No keys are required. All vehicles have keyless ignition. To lock and unlock your vehicle, simply open the app on your mobile device
  • What do I do if my phone battery dies?
    Always keep your phone charged, bring a cable to plug into the car, use the wireless charger in the vehicle (if available), or bring a portable Smart Phone battery charger with you. Treat the ASM app like your car keys – keep it secured and available to you. If your phone dies and you do not have the means of charging it, use a friend’s phone or public phone to contact the ASM customer service team at (613) 903-6999 for support.
  • What if I am somewhere without service? How do I open my ASM vehicle?
    An internet connection is required to start and end your booking. However, if you lose internet access at any point during your booking, you are still able to lock/unlock the vehicle via a Bluetooth connection between the vehicle and your phone, using the app in the same way. Please note that you must be within 10 meters of the vehicle for the Bluetooth connection to work.
  • Where can I charge my electric vehicle?
    Electric vehicles can be charged at any Flo network charging station, affiliated dealerships in the National Capital region, and at home charging stations. Charging at a Flo network station: In the glove box of each electric vehicle is a charge card that can be used at any Flo network station. To locate a Flo charging station download the Flo app on your smartphone or navigate to the Flo website. Charging at an affiliated dealership: A list of affiliated dealerships with charging stations can be found on the Automondial Shared Mobility website under “locations”. They can also be found on the Automondial Shared Mobility app, indicated on the map by the Automondial logo. Charging at a home station: Unfortunately, we are not able to reimburse you for the costs incurred charging a vehicle at a home charging station.
  • What do I do when my vehicle needs fuel?
    All fuel expenses are included. There is a fuel card in the glove box of each vehicle. You will need to pay inside the store using the Automondial Shared Mobility fuel card. Please use the fuel type required for your vehicle. The fuel type is indicated inside the vehicle’s gas tank flap.
  • What happens if I get into an accident with my vehicle?
    If you get into a collision: Call 911 or police as appropriate to the circumstance Contact Automondial Shared Mobility customer service at 613-903-6999 Have a police report filed, as the extent of the damage is not always visible Repair decisions will be made by Automondial Shared Mobility
  • What happens if damage, not related to a collision, occurs to the vehicle while it is in my possession?
    Damage to the vehicle while in a member’s possession is their responsibility to pay. This includes, but is not limited to, such things as: Broken/deformed parts Dents Scratches Damage to the interior (dashboard, fabric etc.) Permanent stains Deformed or damaged rims Abnormal wear to the mechanical infrastructure or engine Etc.
  • Do I have insurance coverage when driving and Automondial Shared Mobility vehicle?
    Yes. The insurance document is in the glove box of your Automondial Shared Mobility vehicle. You are covered for third party liability and collision. In case of an incident where insurance must be utilized, the member is responsible for paying the insurance deductible. Our deductible is $1000. Deductible coverage can be purchased when you start your trip in-app.
  • I have my own personal automobile insurance, or my credit card offers rental vehicle coverage. Can I use my own insurance instead of Automondial Shared Mobility’s?
    Yes, we recommend you use your own insurance when driving our vehicles if your insurance covers rental vehicles. Check with your insurance provider to see if you are covered. Our insurance remains in place as a backup solution.
  • I have incurred other expenses, like washer fluid and wiper blades, will I be reimbursed?
    Yes. You can submit expenses for minor maintenance items, up to $40 per receipt. To request approval for an expense reimbursement: Call Automondial Shared Mobility at 613 903-6999 to request approval Email a copy of the receipt to Reimbursements will be processed on the next business day after your booking ends. If the reimbursement amount is less than the total cost of your trip, your reimbursement will be returned directly to your credit card, against the total cost of your trip. Reimbursements may appear as a pending transaction on your CC for up to 3 business days after being processed. If the reimbursement amount is higher than the total cost of your trip, we will issue your reimbursement in the form of a cheque and mail it to your address on file.
  • What do I do if I get a ticket?
    Members are responsible for tickets and fines incurred while they have the vehicle. If you receive a ticket, we recommend paying for it yourself, as it will save you the $20 administration fee. If you do not pay the ticket, when we receive the infraction notice we will pay the ticket and apply the cost, plus a $20 administration fee to your Automondial Shared Mobility accounts.
  • What do I do if my vehicle gets towed?
    If the vehicle is towed the member is responsible for all costs incurred. Administrative fees may also apply in some circumstances. Please refer to the “Penalties and other fees” section under Terms and Conditions
  • What do I do if my car gets stolen?
    If the Automondial Shared Mobility vehicle is stolen while in your possession, please Contact the police and have a police report filed Contact Automondial Shared Mobility customer service at 613-903-6999 and report the theft
  • Do I have to return the vehicle with gas in the tank?
    Yes. Please always ensure there is at least ¼ tank of gas in the vehicle when you return it. This is to ensure the next member’s pick-up is as easy as yours was. Gas is included in the cost and the gas card is in the glove box.
  • What do I do at the end of my booking period?
    To return your vehicle at the end of your booking, please return it to its pick-up location. If you are unable to return the vehicle to its pick-up location, please contact us by phone or email, so that we can make arrangements, and not inconvenience other members. Please ensure the gas tank is at least ¼ full. Gas is included in the cost and a gas card is in the glove box. If your vehicle is plug-in electric, at or near ½ range, please plug the vehicle in upon return.
  • I already have the vehicle, but I want to keep it longer. Can I extend my booking time?
    If your vehicle is not reserved by someone else after your scheduled return time, you can extend your booking. To find out if your vehicle is available after your scheduled return and to extend your booking, simply: Open the Automondial Shared Mobility app Tap “My Bookings”, and select the booking you are looking to extend Tap “Extend Booking”, and select the date/time to which you want to extend Tap “Confirm” If your vehicle is not available for an extension, but another vehicle is available at your pick-up/drop off location, you can make a new reservation and book an alternate vehicle. Please return your vehicle to the pick-up/drop off location, and pick-up your new one. It is important that you return your vehicle by the scheduled return time, for the convenience of other members and so that you do not incur late penalties.
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